It’s A Paperback!

flowers-1200815_1920Well, it’s not yet in paperback but yesterday I bit the bullet and paid for print formatting. I tried to find Adobe Professional 6 or greater but it wasn’t around. I could have purchased it; I won’t scare you with the price. Suffice it to say it was much cheaper and so very much faster to just give it to a professional. Hi Glendon, thanks for taking me on!!

I’ve had a number of friends and family asking me, where can I buy it in paperback. It turns out that not everyone reads these days on a Kindle. I would bet that is information Amazon isn’t all that happy about. In a post on WordPress. com (yes, I know I can import those, I just don’t know how, yet) I talked about how I’d filled my Kindle. I truthfully did not know you could “fill” a Kindle, so I’d been willy-nilly buying things for my Kindle, especially the free stuff, and holy heaven my Kindle was full. Lesson learned, be just as picky about your Kindle reading material as you are about your library books. Oh, now don’t tell me you’ve not been to a library looking for the latest book by your favorite author. Books are expensive when they first come out and if you wish not to wait in the very long line at the library hold-books counter, your only other choice, if you have one, is the Kindle version which is generally cheaper than a hardback book.

So, I’ve finally come to the point where my first book, LIGHTED WINDOWS will be available in many places and will also be available in paperback. I do plan to order a few to take with me to writers meetings and social functions. You never know who might like to take a copy home, just to see what I’ve done.

If you wish to see what I’ve done, stay tuned. I will be posting here as soon as I have uploaded the ‘formatted’ file to Ingram Spark, Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Nook, Kobo and even, I think I can manage it, on Itunes.

Later lovelies!!


At a later time I will import some of my blogs for but today I want to simply say Hello and tell you about my first book.

As the title suggests, the book is LIGHTED WINDOWS and it went live on Amazon Saturday, April 16th. I’m jazzed! I have a lot more to do and the next book (no this is not a series) is nearing completion. My books are all stand-alone, complete stories and while I suppose you can call them romance books, I call them love stories. These are books about normal people. No one is rich, no one is famous, no one is royal, and I’m not all that impressed by most of the motorcycle gangs I’ve met. These are love stories that you can relate to because they are amalgamations of actual people I have known.

As I get better using my site and more informed about how to give you links to the books, you will see more ‘stuff’ here. I’m only getting started and I’ve a lot to learn, but I learn fast (ish don’t judge) so check back or sign up for my posts. This is going to be Good!

Here's the Book Cover
Here’s the Book Cover