I’ve been trying to use my time efficiently but it is quite a challenge. With my book finally distributed to as many outlets as I can, I now need to do extra marketing. That means, this blog, Facebook, Instragram and I need to learn Snapchat. The actual book in my hand also needs to be seen by as many folks as I can manage.

I did manage to tie this bit of me into my Tumblr page, now that made me very happy indeed. The best blogging I ever did was on Tumblr, no offense WordPress. It is a blogging site much more easily handled than all the complications here on WordPress. So, a big Hello to all my sweet darlings on either platform! HI!!

What’s my problem? I know you didn’t ask but, as you can guess, I will tell you. I’m not writing! Well, correction I not finishing my next novel. I open it, write a page or maybe two and then close it. I feel pulled in many directions and can’t get my head around the conclusion. This is the book that was flying off of my fingers just a few months ago and now I can’t get it to finish. There are a lot of metaphors that I could use here but I will leave those to your imagination.

What scares me is what I will need to do to get the next book on the market. It was a waking nightmare wading through all the outlets for self-publishing and the costs are considerable. I still need to pay my editor to clean up this new manuscript before I can even start the hellish wade back into the production of the book.

I’m questioning me need to actually publish again. Yes, I have four more books that I’m working on and yes I have another three that I have half written or in outline form but publishing this first one has opened my eyes to the vampire industry calling itself self-publishing. This shite is expensive, pardon my bad word, but crap, I’m afraid to add up what the first book’s actual costs were! Now I see why some author’s are creating Go Fund Me and Crowdsourcing requests.

Sorry, sorry, really, I know that I’m whining. So many things need to be done and I have only one set of hands. I really want to finish A MIND MATTER, it is a good story and I need to get these books out of my head. The question is do the works really need to go out into the world?

Can You Read?

Yesterday, my book, an actual paperback, arrived. Oh my God, I’ve never felt so strange, and trust me when I tell you, I’ve been in some seriously strange places. It’s a nice looking book, no really it is; good clean cover, great graphics and once I revised it down, the author bio isn’t awful. The bio isn’t great but I’m working on improvements. What is that saying? God isn’t done with me yet, well the self-publishing industry is having their way with me and I’m not really enjoying it all that much.

I’ve had problems with Ingram Spark or to be honest, they’ve had some serious problems with me. You’ve read, I hope, the previous posts regarding the need for formatting so you’ve already seen that bit of Heaven. (for those that missed it, that was sarcasm, grrrr). Now it seems I’ve placed a double order. I didn’t intent to place a double order but I didn’t read all the way through the website and now I have two orders of ten books. Oh, did I mention, if the books don’t arrive they will not send again and they will not refund the costs. If you chose not to insure and send your order with tracking and pay the costs and those costs are significant, then too bad for you.

So, the title of this post is mostly a reminder to me and anyone else wishing to work with Ingram Spark (formerly Lightning Source). You must read the Entire website and double check what is actually being transmitted to the other side, no, not that other side, although it does feel a bit other worldly at times. Did I mention the howling credit card?? My bank has cancelled the old card, fearing I will wish to contest further charges from Ingram Spark. Boy, would I ever! But the actual problem is me and the question stands. Can you read??? Well, now I can and if, please Lord, all those books arrive, I will be pedaling them far and wide in an attempt to silence the screams of my poor credit card.

The lesson here is to go slowly, very slowly, forth into that website or any other for that matter. I got excited about seeing my work in paperback and moved too fast for my own good. The paperbacks that arrived yesterday were from Amazon and they are so lovely! Yes, I am prejudice, I wrote a book and now I can hold it in my hands. Wow! If you would like a copy, it is $10.99 with free shipping (to make up for not insuring them in the first place, grrr) and you need only leave me a comment (and an email) to receive a signed (yeah, exciting right) copy of LIGHTED WINDOWS.

So, lesson learned, and I will stop now (no clapping, grrr) and bid thee Adieu because I need to finish my next work and put into practice all the ‘stuff’ I learned the hard way with this first effort. Ciao, my Lovelies!!

A Paperback At Last

I went to the Smashwords website today and uploaded a larger cover file (Thank you Donna Collier) so Smashwords is now happy with me. It’s so important to keep these different websites happy, seriously. 🙂 CreateSpace is also fairly pleased with my uploaded interior and cover files (Thank you Glendon of Streetlight Graphics) so, I have ordered some proofing copies (actually, I ordered five, yes I’m still sadly vain). The credit card is screaming but I will calm it when I can.

I nearly forgot to mention Ingram Spark! Holy Heaven, that would have been a serious mistake. (did ya notice how everything is so serious for just a book??) Yes, dear ones, I have also satisfied the one formerly known as Lightning Source website and yes I ordered a few copies from them as well. Not a lot, because there is the matter of the vocal credit card.

If you’re asking yourself what is the point of this blather, and seriously, you should be, I shall now explain. My first book titled LIGHTED WINDOWS is now everywhere or at least as far afield as I am capable of casting it. Now, please note, I did say my first, meaning it is not the best that I hope to write. I’m nearing completion, or at least I was until all these websites became most unhappy with me, of my next work titled A MIND MATTER and it is better, or I feel it is a fine-tuned suspense/romance with greater literary content. Wow, vain is not actually fitting for such hubris but I digress.

If you would like to see what has been keeping me busy and up nights (stop giggling, I leave that sweaty stuff for my books) you can check it out at any of the above mentioned happy web sites and I will thank you here if you write me a review. Now to figure out Goodreads. Yes, a writer’s work is never done and since I’rose-1201356__340m also female I can use that silly saying.

Until next time, my darlings! Ciao xx

Not Writing

My next book is nearing completion. The swan is one of the character's hidden talents.
My next book is nearing completion. The swan is one of the character’s hidden talents.

I spent today putting LIGHTED WINDOWS on Nook, the Barnes and Nobel e-reader. It was actually rather easy which means I did it wrong. Okay, that is a bit on the pessimistic side but there were a few previous problems, so please pardon me.

I also tried to make an ibook but I don’t own a Mac so that didn’t come off well. Now I know there is a way for me to make an ibook without owning their computers but I’ve not found that portal yet. Notice, I have faith that I will somehow manage to create an ibook. I will also go to SmashWords shortly, with hopefully equal ease and create there as well.

All of this takes time and is a great deal of work, plus reading the instructions and uploading various files and the like. This brings me to the title, I am not working on any of my other books. I did open A MIND MATTER today and was informed by Word that I’d last written in that work on April 17th. Oh crap, really?? It is May the fourth (and may the fourth be with you, sorry, couldn’t resist), I still have several platforms to work on, this website needs loads of work and I’ve not had a day to write since April?! Oh, and lest we forget, I still do not have a paperback because Glendon has the final file to make my cover and I’ve paid for this cover but Glendon hasn’t had the time or maybe the inclination, I did whine about the constant outlay of funds, to complete the paperback cover and return it to me so that I may go back to Amazon and Ingram Spark and complete the work I started there. Wow, I’m really good at run on sentences, aren’t I?

I need to write, honestly, I need to sit and escape into the world of my characters and give them life or at least release. I know it is up to me to market my book, I have been, but I must stop soon and finish the next novel before I do something else in the marketing genre. I would tell you that I’m going a bit crazy, but those who know me will tell you I actually am, crazy that is.

Later my Lovelies, I must away before the sun goes to sleep.

The Trials of Modern Stuff

abstract-illustration_fy8LWkLu_LSome days feel like I missed an episode of life; take for example a PDF file. Somehow a normal PDF is no long acceptable to the publishing outlets for self-publishing. I’ve put my book, LIGHTED WINDOWS on Amazon and am currently trying to make it a paperback through Ingram Spark. They want a PDF file but not just any PDF file. The file type required is an Adobe Professional program PDF .

What all that means is I have to pay three times to have my book formatted properly or buy the Adobe Professional version and see if I can work with it. Okay, stop giggling, I’m not that silly. I had to pay to have the book formatted for the e-book places, which is, I’m told, a clean word file. I can clean pretty much anything, most mothers can, but apparently it requires skills I don’t have. So, that is one charge to the flippin’ credit card, insert bad words here.

Next, I wish to offer the book as a print version, you know a paperback. So I try my ‘clean’ word file and the website says I need a PDF. I save my ‘clean’ Word file as a PDF and try again. Wrong! There is a problem with embedded fonts and transparency or some such thing. That means, I now must pay to have the book formatted as a Professional PDF, no lowly non-embedded PDFs are allowed . More heartache on the credit card is created. Now a paperback needs a cover, something you don’t need for an e-book, so I upload my cover and my created Word file back cover. Nope! Must be in a particular format so yes, the poor credit card is now once again buried. (I’d just paid it off, God Bless Me) (I try not to swear, I really do!)

In conclusion, (bet ya wondered if I would stop), I have now expended more money on my beloved book than the poor thing will ever earn, because I missed the episode where you need to learn Adobe Professional. I did not realize writing a book was a job creation position.

And with that, I bid thee Adieu because when my credit card comes due I am betting Amazon will not have any funds for me.

Until next time, Ciao my Lovelies!