Trump is the Symptom

The disease is Paul Ryan saying Social Security is an entitlement the government cannot afford (hey, Paul, did ya never pay FICA and SS taxes??). The disease is Nancy Pelosie saying “let’s pass (Obamacare) it, see what’s in it” (are you f-ing kidding me). The disease is Orin Hatch staying way too long, Harry Ried and Diane Feinstein suffer from that as well.

The problem that Trump is only a symptom of is each and every Senator and Congressman (or woman, don’t get touchy) that has sold us out for all the wonderful money that flows so easily to them from corporations, insurance companies, the medical industry, pharmaceuticals and dozens of other special interests that own our “representatives”. The disease is our two parties who are more interested in their elected officials “dialing for dollars” as one Congressman put it for more hours in the day then he spends actually doing the job we thought we elected him to do. Each party requires their elected members to bring in several million dollars ‘weekly’ or be frozen out of the party. The list of the evils that exist in our oligarchic government would take way too long to write here.

Did you have to look that one up? The first time I saw it I did. It means government by the few, as in the true one percent that actually run this land. Why do you think Bernie Sanders’ folks won’t vote for Hillary? She’s just another one of the “entitled” white folk and please don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a woman president, just not her. I always told my daughter, a woman would be president only after a man of color (pick a color, I don’t care) had held the office. Surprise, right again! But why can’t we have Condie Wright or someone we respect?

I still wish for “None of the Above”. Obamacare will collapse next year and history will not remember him kindly. Now we have a choice between a better looking Putin or utterly corrupt Hillary. So we don’t have much of any choice this time, much like Barry but that is a whole different post. Ciao!


I did it, finally. I’ve been hung up on Chapter Twenty-nine having written myself into a corner. This is the lead-in to the physical part of the story, yes I mean sex, but not the usual romance romp. This is a love story after all, you can’t just write the love scene out of nowhere. So many romance novels are just lots of getting it on and not a lot of getting involved.

Sorry, I was so caught up in the accomplishment I forgot to tell you what the title of this book is. The book I’m working on finishing right now is titled: A MIND MATTER and it has been so easy to write up until Chapter Twenty-nine. I’ll say it to save you the effort, I was failing to climax, happy now? It is all so confusing to me and I’m the author! This particular novel was to be my third. The only problem was, the story just kept coming up and I’d have to stop working on book two to write the scenes of book three that were popping into my head. This story just seemed to flow off of my fingers and honestly, I had to put everything aside and work on this story.

The good news is I’ve managed to back out of the corner and build up quite a bit of heat on the way. Chapter Thirty is the climax or culmination of the relationship between these two characters and I needed to build toward it carefully, these are two very complex, strong-willed and powerful personalities. If it wasn’t done just right the entire novel falls flat. But, fear not, I’ve managed (I think so anyway) to stoke this fire until it is now white hot and the questions that have been floating about are about to be answered and of course, there is a surprise in the mix as well.

And with that I bid thee adieu! More soon my Lovelies!


If you follow me on Facebook, and really why not ( ) you will know that I am working on my next book titled, A MIND MATTER and that I’m having quite a time of it. I am what they call a ‘pantser’ or something like that, meaning I know where my story opens and I know how it ends but getting from the beginning to the end is the challenge. With my first book, LIGHTED WINDOWS I knew the opening chapter and the last line plus a few of the points (I hesitate to call them high points as some are incredibly low) of the story and worked from there. But this next book was meant to be the third work and it would not wait. This is the book that was flying off my fingers just a few months ago and now I’m dragging myself to the file and working until my brain freezes. If you read the title of this post you will understand my problem.

Okay, maybe I need to be more specific regarding the problem and reason for this post. I’m in Northern California and we’re coming out (maybe/maybe not) of a four year drought of historic proportions. It is currently full on Summer here with temperatures in the one hundred degree range. Yesterday, we reached one hundred and two degrees but honestly, anything over ninety-eight is too hot for doing much outside. The forecast for the week is for higher temperatures, no wind and ‘fry an egg’ sweltering for the next week or so. Therein lies the problem, it is hot, so hot going outside is something you do only if forced. Having my brain freeze up in this weather is a feat of serious consequence. I can’t go walk it off. Folks die in heat like this, as India is sadly experiencing.

The point is that I wish I could find the point. I know how to end this love story and I know it all needs to be soon as I’m on Chapter Twenty-nine and it must stop in the next few chapters. Why? It is a love story and by virtue of (or lack thereof) it’s subject, must conclude in a reasonable number of chapters. This is not a grand epic piece and even with the great John Hudspith’s masterful editing it simply must end in a reasonable number of chapters or words, whichever comes first. I seem to be suffering from a sudden case of complete-aphobia also know as inability to climax. Got you didn’t I! Well, sorry about that, I will simply stop now, which is what is happening in A MIND MATTER. Stay tuned, I will overcome this bout of wordless-ness (all evidence to the contrary) and A MIND MATTER will climax and close as it should. This is the climax of this post. You can see the problem by now. Ciao my darlings! I shall return whether you like it or not xx