Summer California Style

Yesterday, we hit the eighth day of over one hundred degree temperatures, not a record but only one day short. The sun in our sunny California region is much like a blast furnace. You can’t stand in it for over a minute without feeling burned.

Why should anyone care? Well, the problem with California is water. This is a desert region that will grown many things but water is required, in some cases lots of water. Rice is one of this region’s top crops and requires much water. Jerry Brown, yes that guy who spoke at the DNC (is it just me or does anyone else cringe at those initials? {think female medical}), I am digressing again, sorry. Dear old Jerry, the poster child for term limits, wants to take water from up north and send it to his friends in L.A. It is a mistake in the making but this is a Democrats state, so no one can stop his twin tunnel project. That should matter to much of our country because about 45% or more of the produce we all consume comes from California, more specifically Northern California. Since California is in another year, I believe this is year five, of a drought never before seen in history (can you say climate change?) removing water from this area will cause a reduction in produce resulting in much higher prices at the supermarket.

Where am I going with this? Yes, I know you didn’t ask but if you’ve read this far, might as well crack-on. Many people think “California Living” is the way to go and the place to be. It may have been in the past, but I don’t recommend it. With climate change, this drought may become a regular thing. Watch out at the stores in the next few years, what happens in California may impact all of us. If the rice production diminishes, we will also see our GNP decline as well. All this is what summer in this area is really like. California is no longer the place to be. Go East young ones!

The Book Needs a Name

I’ve finished the second book titled: MIND MATTERS and while I’m pleased to be able to write “The End” I’m not really happy with the title. I keep trying to find a better title but so far, nothing. I’m entering that never-ending edit phase, so it seems appropriate that I will find a way to edit that title.

While still working on making MIND MATTERS a clean manuscript, I’m also trying to keep up my author platform. An author’s ‘platform’ is a fancy way of saying ‘soul-sucking ton’s of techie stuff’ that takes up hours of your life you’ll never get back, like ever! So I try to Tweet (@melodyskylark, you saw that coming, right?), blog here when time allows, make a daily post on FaceBook (, I have no shame) and I’ve posted on Instagram but, don’t laugh, I can’t remember my handle! (hanging head in shame) Anyone know how to find my handle?? (stop laughing, and no not that handle, silly)

All of the above is drivel because, today, I spent all afternoon working on my platform. It can make you completely batty (I hear you laughing!) Yes, I was already batty but now I am ‘completely’, so much better that way. I even managed to go to Google Plus and write even more drivel in the form of ‘marketing’. Such an awful word, marketing, but how else to get your books noticed in the tsunami of indie authors. I used to market for people selling their homes and never felt the need to apologize, but self-promotion feels more difficult and icky. However, I will continue trying to work on my social media self. I’d do better on this website if I could only figure out how to work it. Yes, it is marketed as ‘easy’ but it has me screaming really bad words and I’ve paid for this f-ing thing. (sorry, long day)

Enough, bless you all (I think there are three of you) for reading my self pity. I do hope you got a small laugh. I’m off to bang my head against a wall, don’t worry, however, I will use a pillow in between. I’m not a total nut case! Later sweet Lovelies!

Reaching for The End

The next novel is within inches of that wondrous phrase. I’m madly trying to finish this book, it being the one that was flying off my fingers just a few months ago. Now, I am forcing the scenes out of my head and into the program. I can see them I just need the words to write them.

My friend, Cookie, who did the beginning edit of my last novel, has already gone through the first twenty-plus chapters and is awaiting the completed manuscript. Her husband of sixty years is in hospice care at their house, dying of lung cancer and my heart is bleeding for them. Deathwatch is so unspeakably hard; you can’t understand it until you’ve sat at a bedside and watched the life seeping away. My manuscript helps her to cope with the sorrow of her current situation and I’m going mad trying to finish and help my dear friend.

I’ve already contacted the editor who helped me with the first book, LIGHTED WINDOWS and I think he has agreed to do this edit as well. He told me to send him the first chapter or so to see if there is anything we can build on, which is not a resounding endorsement but my first book was a bit amateuristic. I made all the rookie mistakes and the editor, my dearest John Hudspith, managed to make a passable book out of it. I feel better about this one but that phrase is eluding me!

When a scene will not go on the page in an acceptable fashion, I would normally put it aside, but Cookie is waiting. I feel the need to get beyond my “complete-aphobia” and finish for her. It is interesting to me to remember, she was the reason I finally sat down and finished the last book. She’d done a fair amount of editing on the first book and wondered where was the end? Well, with someone waiting for me, that nasty phobia vanished and the climax just happened. (don’t they just! sorry, mind in gutter) What shall I do without Cookie’s final shove?

Enough, my brain is melting! If you’ve read this far, thank you so much. I promise to have a pithy post next time or maybe the time after that, one can never tell. Ciao, darlings