All Day Conference

I went to my first Writing Workshop yesterday, it lasted all day and yes it cost money. ($149) There were extra charges if you wished to ‘pitch’ an agent, there were four, and the charge for a ten minute pitch was $29. If you wished to have your ‘query’ letter critiqued by the instructor it was $69.

Wow, is about all I can say! I’ve never been to such a function before. The instructor was Chuck Sambuchino and I thought he was excellent. I was slightly biased as Chuck lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, my hometown. The workshop was mostly about how to get an agent to sell your works, but there was so much more to it than that and I loved it! The agents did a first page read and critique and it was super informative. They are not kidding about the first page needing to grab an agent’s attention. Sadly, my first page did not come up and it may have been my fault because I simply categorized it ‘Romance’ while most of the read-through ones had longer designation.

I met several interesting people (hello Nicholas) and was impressed that two of the people around me did their pitch to an agent and received requests for fifty pages more to be sent to the agent. Totally wonderful and I am so happy for both of them. I did not pitch, feeling that MIND MATTERS is not polished enough to warrant further expenditures over and above the costs of an editor. I also have a problem when they ask “where do you see yourself in ten years?” because at my age, the only response I can think of is “alive”. Yes, I know it sounds like sarcasm, but honestly, I’ll be entering the big seven-O’s in ten years and besides even the thirty-something folks can die on the freeway so yes, I do have more books but ask me that question, not my age.

I will happily admit, this was money well spent. I learned so much, by the time I returned home yesterday, I felt like my brain was going to explode. (nice imagery, aint it?) I enjoyed Mr. Sambuchino although I got the vague feeling he was slightly, how do I put this delicately, disappointed is perhaps the word I’m seeking. Chuck Sambuchino works for Writer’s Digest and complies the Guide to Literary Agents book each year, writes a blog, tweets, Facebooks, and several other things but I get the impression he wanted to be a great writer. I could also be projecting! He did mention needing to feed his family which could be why he wanted so much for a critique of a one page letter.

I passed out my card (I need to get an author card, my real estate card isn’t cutting it) to several people and gave Nicholas my Twitter, Facebook and this website/blog. I so wish I could do more with this website but right now many things are demanding attention so it must wait. When I have had a chance to register all that was offered yesterday, I will write more here. There was much more to learn than just how to get an agent.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you had a wonderful summer and I will tell you there is a sale on at where you can get LIGHTED WINDOWS for .99 cents but hurry it is a sale and it ends soon. Love and kisses! Later Lovelies!