On Learning

My next novel, MIND MATTERS, is in editing with the wonderful John Hudspith, honoring me with his insight and Englishman’s point of view. The reason this is important is that MIND MATTERS is set almost exclusively in London. Since I have not been to London for over thirty-five years, I need this guidance.

What is most interesting and simply amazing is that John truly likes this book. He’s given me lots of “Great Job”, “Perfect Hook” “Fantastic!!” words of encouragement and, to me, high praise. If you haven’t read my earlier posts, let me tell you my first book did not receive half as many words of praise. The first book, LIGHTED WINDOWS, did finally resolve into an acceptable work of fiction but it took considerable work on John’s part to clean up the mess I’d made when I wrote that first novel. Thank you, Dearest John, for great patience and perseverance.

What’s the difference between the first and second novels? Yes, I know you didn’t ask but it is the reason for this post. I’ve taken a course on writing great sentences and done two online conferences on the writing craft. I’ve been writing since my school days and thought I remembered how to write good sentences. I was most sincerely wrong! I’ve been learning how to write without all the fluff and bother that appeared in LIGHTED WINDOWS. Don’t get me wrong, it is a truly good story and a book I had to write. It is hard to explain such a statement other than to say, that book was in my head for many years and I simply had to write it. But now I understand so much more than before I started to learn about good writing and deep point of view. There is an author with the name Kingsolver who writes wondrous works with such beautifully deep point of view, she will make you cry because you can truly feel her characters pain. Now that is writing and I will continue to learn until my fingers can no longer tap these keys.

Thank you for reading and Hope to see you again soon, Love Mel