Some Day

Wow, it’s November hurdling head-long into the Christmas season and I’ve been absent from this forum since, oh crap, October! It’s not that I’ve not been thinking of writing, it’s that I have been writing just not here. My next novel, MIND MATTERS is in editing and I’m a bundle of nerves but that isn’t much of an excuse. My third novel is staggering onto the page, I don’t know why and I am┬ápreparing for a cross-country move but heck that’s not a great reason either.

Yes, the internet is buzzing from the elections and may continue for a long time. One of the reasons I’ve been gone is I simply refused to add my opinion to the screaming, hysteria, and total panic this past election has caused. I have opinions but why even bother to get into that roiling ocean, there are way too many waves and storms already, none of them doing much other than predicting doom not realizing it is already here.

I did think of something that has been bugging me for some time now. Somewhere along the way I lost my ‘some day’ wishes. Remember, you had desires or maybe that is too strong of a word, but you wanted to have something and you knew you would ‘some day’ be able to acquire that thing or vacation or achievement you only needed to work towards that ‘some day’. I’ve lost that feeling, that wish, that striving I once had. I miss it.

I think it started with moving preparations. Man, can you collect a lot of “stuff” in twenty plus years in one place! I’m finding things in closets that date back to a time I will not share here as I refuse to admit I could possibly be as old as this “stuff”. I am selling, donating, giving away and generally sorting through my life trying to decide what is important and what I can live without or at least what I will replace when I finally land at my next location. But what I can’t find is any ‘some day’ wishes. I don’t “have it all” but I’ve come to realize there is no ‘all’, just a bunch of stuff that no longer seems to matter.

Sorry this is not a cheery bit and it should be! The rains have returned ending the Fifth Season (in a state of drought, the fifth season is fire season) which should make me happy and believe me I’m thrilled but now I need to find that ‘some day’ thing or place or maybe it is a reason to continue to strive because we all do one way or another otherwise, why get out of bed?!

I promise I will be here more (I paid for this “site”) and I think I will try to be less of a sorry sort. But consider your ‘some day’ list or wish or whatever you strive for because once you have lost it, getting it back can be rather a trial.

Ciao darlings!!