Oh Crap!

Yes, I know, that is not a great title but it is sincerely how I feel. In case you aren’t interested, Christmas is in eighteen days. Are you ready? Do you care?

I’m not even close to ready for Christmas and my husband’s granddaughter is coming in a few days. Not that it matters a ton but it would be nice if I had something going on for Christmas, like maybe a decorated tree or a present for someone, anyone. Yes, I am in a panic just now.

I used to love Christmas! I truly did. I’d decorate the whole house, put up a large tree, although in recent years it’s been a fake tree, I’ve decorated it rather well if I do say so myself. I loved the music and would sing it loudly all through the house. I was also better at singing than I am now. 🙂 But I went all out even making special entrees for Christmas morning and a big Christmas dinner, all while working full time.

Now, there isn’t any point in going to a lot of trouble for Christmas. My daughter is grown and off in the Northern reaches of California. I rarely see or even speak to her. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve texted, written letters, sent boxes of things; I even sent off some pictures of her father I’d found. We are not on speaking terms, her father and I. It is story for another time. The point is I’m pretty much alone now. Yes, I see you shaking your finger at me, I do have a husband but he is not well or that is what I tell everyone. He is in the early stages of dementia from too many concussions and has a memory of about fifteen seconds. I have him beat, I can remember last week!

I think the real problem here is I can remember Christmases past and even long past and I miss that wonderful feeling. Now, I’m just depressed, wishing for a time I will probably never have again. I go through the motions, a little less each year but the magic is gone and I don’t think it will be coming back. But I will dig out some of the old decorations, shop online for a few things although I doubt I’ll do much more than that. My advice to you? Enjoy a big Christmas or Hanukkah if you can because like everything else in life, it won’t last.

I wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah and may we

Christmas 2006

all be still around to toast the New Year!

Peace, darlings.

The Last Days

I’d started a post on Barry’s last days in the White House but it got lost. Yes, I know it isn’t lost but I can’t find it so I will start over and that is a good thing the original post was filled with snark. I see you looking puzzled but don’t be; I try not to be too nasty here, it seems the wrong place for vitriolic babbles. I’m not sure where one should write snarky thoughts but I’ll limit them here.

The thing that has me confused and a bit pissed is the Keystone Pipeline was considered “not well thought out” and was defeated by this administration and I’m not saying that wasn’t the right thing to do because I think it was. The problem I’m having can be stated simply as Standing Rock. BARRY, WTF!!! You don’t need a degree in engineering, resource management or even fluid dynamics to understand trying to put a pipeline under a river is madness!

The other thing that is really bugging me is the disregard for the true Americans. You know, the folks that made the mistake of allowing the aliens to land on their shores and are now on “reservations”, land the United States government deemed of little use to it and therefore corralled the natives thereon. Is this pipeline, that Barry is ignoring while he pardons druggies, any less well thought out than the other one?

Even if you disregard the assault on sacred lands and the continued abuse of the true Americans’ rights, how hard is it to foresee a terrible man-made disaster coming at us like a freight train? Why is Barry not making this his legacy? Why is Barry not issuing an executive order to Stop this terrible thing from happening???

I know I said I would be more cheerful with my next post. Please forgive me for letting you down. I had to say something! In the coming years a terrible thing will happen, and this I truly believe because digging under water is a bad thing. It is simple science; remember we were taught ‘water always seeks the lowest level’ or at least I was taught that. So I’ve said what I foresee and pray to any god you wish I am wrong because Barry, your legacy may be one of the worst man-made disasters the world has ever seen.

Please BARRY wake the hell up and stop this. The history books will write about you either way.

Sorry, darlings! Soapbox stored again. Ciao