That Time, Again

This is the year that will try me in many ways. I’ve finished MIND MATTERS and the editing of that work is nearing its conclusion which means I need to settle on a cover, write the blurb, contact the formatting personnel and a host of other self-publishing requirements. I am a little excited because the book is good!

My first book, LIGHTED WINDOWS, was an interesting work and I am glad that I finally wrote it but it was a first attempt and suffered from my inexperience. I can only say that I needed to write that book, that it was a work that needed to be published but now that I’ve worked at learning how to write, I understand so much more.

I’ve been reading some other self-published authors and learning from their mistakes. I do leave a review, but only if I am able to finish the book. There have been a few that I couldn’t finish; they were that bad. On the other hand, I’ve read several indie authors that, with the help of a good editor, would have written a truly good book and that is the review I leave. I understand how difficult it is to have your work edited, not to mention the costs involved, it is nerve racking, but it is necessary. I think it is just as important to find editing help as it is to write the book.

On top of my writing, we are moving this year, back to my home range in the Ohio River Valley. I am packing and sorting and going slowly mad. (I hear you laughing, yes, I’ve always been crazy.) It is shocking to me the amount of ‘stuff’ I am finding in just about every nook and cranny not to mention the advances in technology that leave me with VHS tapes and no way to play them. (are you giggling again??) The interviews with moving companies are always fun. It is shocking how much it costs, per pound, to move which means I am forced to make hard choices about what should be shipped and what is simply unnecessary.

It will be a year of enormous changes and hopefully, some truly fun experiences. I haven’t driven cross-country in over thirty years! I’m planning to stop along the way to see the wonders of America. There are so many great places in our country, I only wish I could see them all.

If you have a place between California and Kentucky that you are particularly fond of, please tell me in the comments. The best tour guides are the normal folks like us (more giggling, really??) who have been to the special places in this great country. As always…Ciao my darlings. I return, anon!

A New Year

It’s finally over, 2016 that is, taking with it Carrie Fisher and her mother. I don’t really care (I care about Carrie, make no mistake) what number you put on the year, reaching another one is a good thing.

What I find odd is the continued liberal screaming on the Internet and just about any other place you can find about the next President. One blogger insisted that harassing Ivanka on a JetBlue flight was a good thing and we, meaning anyone who didn’t vote for daddy Trump, should scream at all the Trump folk especially his children, stating the “Pax Americana” was coming to an end. Wow, is it possible that there are people in this country that have not noticed the nearly two decades long wars in the Middle East? Peace?? You’re kidding right?

I was left to wonder if, following this line of thinking, it would be a good thing if we also screamed at Sasha and Melia? After all, their father is responsible for tripling the nation debt, but then that was the deal he made with the big banks and Wall Street. He would pay them large sums of TARP funds (did you get any TARP funds?) so that they could have their million dollar bonuses for selling out working-class Americans and they would not be effected by The Great Recession. Did you miss that bit of history? Hard to see it, when you are losing your job thanks to Billie Clinton’s NAFTA and of course, the banks are taking your homes because they set up The Great Recession. Don’t believe me? Well, let me show you what I saw.

An unknown Senator from Illinois sudden appears on the national stage, carefully scripted and extremely well funded. By now everyone knows you can’t run for president without “the parties” (there are only two) support. Now Hillary Clinton was also running for President that year and she was doing really well. Did you notice when she dropped out, how truly angry she was? But the DNC made her a deal. If she would step out of their man Barry’s way, she would be the next DNC candidate when Barry was through. The big banks and their big, really big, money plus the Wall Street money carefully choreographed their boy Barry (no, I don’t feel bad about that, he is not from a slave line) to ensure the coming recession would profit them in all ways. I was still working in the real estate industry and all of us old-hands saw it coming a mile away. In 2004 there were NINE no-money-down loans out there and people without full understanding of markets, money and mortgages were snapping up overpriced houses sure that home prices would continue to rise and they could sell in two years or less and make a ton of money.

There is some debate about when The Great Recession actually started but let me share what I felt here in California. In September of 2005 the market stopped and I mean that sincerely, it Stopped! All my investor clients felt it and the smart ones followed my advice and priced their investments to sell, fast. Smaller home loan companies who were holding what would turn out to be ‘dead’ paper, meaning a mortgage the borrower could never repay, scrambled to divest themselves and tried to tell anyone who would listen to do the same. Remember the “Occupy Wall Street” movement? Remember Barry telling you “the TARP funds had been repaid”? Well, yes and no. Just as one example, Bank of America did in fact repay “their” TARP funds, what they did not do is repay the TARP funds for all the smaller entities they took over. Now, Bank of America waited until Barry had passed out the money before taking over these other ‘mortgage’ folk. Countrywide received millions in TARP funds as did Sierra Pacific and lots of other smaller institutions taken over by Citi Bank, Wells Fargo and one, maybe two, other BIG financial institutions. Why is this of interest? Bank of America got Countrywide and the TARP funds given to Countrywide but Bank of America will not repay Countrywide’s TARP funds and it’s legal. The TARP funds went to Countrywide and that institution no long exists therefore, Countrywide is responsible for repayment of those funds, not Bank of America. The Great Recession was a planned event and Barry was the answer as to how the Big Banks could profit from both sides.

If you read my “None of the Above” you know I wasn’t thrilled with either candidate. But the folks still screaming about the outcome need to consider what I just wrote because so many Americans had to live with what the DNC and deeply wealthy folks did. (just as an aside, Chrysler took their TARP funds and built a factory, in China). I am not going to say things will get better but, honestly, for many, worse couldn’t get much more terrible.