That Time Again and Again

It is that time of the year for all kinds of “that time” stuff. I’m sure you can think of one yearly pain in the backside we normally call tax time. No one wants the I.R.S. bugging you so, we all file our taxes, well most of us the rich, not naming names, can file whenever they feel like it, the tax code was written by their representatives. Yes, I know, you thought they were your representatives but as the saying goes “money talks, B.S. has to walk”. Okay that’s not entirely correct but the tax code is written to give CPA and attorney types jobs and well paying ones at that. It was also written so that those with the money to assist elected officials get tax loopholes.

For me, taxes are still a pain and finding a CPA is equally difficult. One guy laughed at me, telling me he just used Turbo Tax Professional and put my numbers in and handed me a bill for $425. The next one had an even higher bill but there was a 1031 thing involved so I chilled. But this year she informed me (not last year mind you) her hourly rate was $235 an hour and she would be billing me for the hours it would take her to do my tax return. She was quite miffed I even asked for an estimate and told me so. “I don’t like these kinds of calls! My rate is my rate and I can’t tell you anything else.) Okay, moving on.

The next “that time” thing is my domain name. Blue Host wants $16 a year for registering my domain on top of the $142 for “hosting”. I’m still not sure what the hell they do for that money and GoDaddy is a lot cheaper. They send out automatic emails warning you to pay to maintain your domain “don’t let it become inactive” because then it could be auctioned off or some shit like that. Oops sorry, the techies of this time period are the ‘entitled’ group we raised in the 90s and some in the 80s. Our fault they are such self-involved odd balls, sorry again.

And my final “that time” is MIND MATTERS, my second novel. It is mostly complete I just need the money to buy a cover, pay a format person or persons since I need a MOBI format for Kindle and a professional PDF for the print version. It’s a lot of money. It is also a really good book. It is actually past time for me to launch that book but crap, my money tree died in the drought. The first book, good but not great, has about five hundred more dollars to earn just to break even and now I need to spend to publish my seriously good book and of course, it’s the time of year when I’m broke.

Sorry, darlings, this was not supposed to be a whine and forgive me for not bring any cheese to go with it. I will chill (a bottle of real wine) and write a much better post shortly. Or I will go play in traffic!

Ciao lovely people.