In the Land of Rain

It hit me yesterday that I haven’t posted here in, oh crap, forever in the blogosphere. Oops!

We made it to Kentucky and found a house and got our stuff and a partridge in a pear tree. Yes, I’ve been a bit busy. We were also robbed because the last doorknob didn’t get replaced as fast as I would have liked and some of our jewelry grew legs and walked away. Yes, I am pissed off but the story isn’t over yet so stay tuned.

I am trying to handle all the new things we have to deal with one of the worst being the medical community here in Louisville which is rather subpar and finding good doctors is a struggle. I’ve been online looking for doctors and all kinds of little things that you took for granted in your old residence. It is a slightly backward area with a limited education base and naturally, there is an upper class that is “old” Kentucky so as of yet I am still working on getting everything and that is a lot of “things” handled so I’ve not made any new friends. I will have to work on that and look into the local writer’s groups.

I will stop for now as there is something I have been wanting to write here for a while and I must review that post before posting as it is a bit on the controversial side. Yes, you know me, never one to worry about who might feel “hurt” by a post. Ciao for now and thank you to anyone who is still checking this site. New Book Soon!!