Winter Games

It is that time in the season when the “dead” of winter becomes applicable. Christmas is over Valentines is nearly here and the weather is still less than great. This year we have a little distraction with the Olympic Winter Games in full swing. I, for one, love to watch most of the venues and since the networks have paused their serials, what else is there? The tension in these games caused by Kim UnStable and his nuclear solution is palpable. I will spare you my overview of the North Korean monster in charge, we all have a pretty good idea of that mental case not to mention “The Mouth” currently in the Oval Office.

The American contingent this year is a robust group of athletes complete with a few more “mature” folks in their final Olympic games. I don’t think it really matters if we bring home a ton of gold medals, these athletes are amazing and have worked their entire life for this time on the world stage.

For me, these games bring back some good times I spent in South Korea during my time with the U.S. Air Force. The city of Seoul is an absolutely brilliant place, filled with new, old and a combination of both around every corner. I would so love to visit again! I’m sure the last twenty years have brought fantastic changes in an already wondrous place. I do wonder if the curfew is still in place. There was a midnight curfew while I was in Seoul and one of my more vivid memories of my time there, other than it is freeze-your-breath cold, was watching a parade of tanks and armored vehicles pass through the downtown streets just after midnight. For the South Korean military, the war never ended and they are ready at a moments notice to repel any attack from the North. It was a sobering moment! I understand how the people in Hawaii felt when that false alarm sounded!

I shall return after the games are over or maybe just before. Go  Team U.S.A.!!!

Ciao darlings!! xx