Winter Games

It is that time in the season when the “dead” of winter becomes applicable. Christmas is over Valentines is nearly here and the weather is still less than great. This year we have a little distraction with the Olympic Winter Games in full swing. I, for one, love to watch most of the venues and since the networks have paused their serials, what else is there? The tension in these games caused by Kim UnStable and his nuclear solution is palpable. I will spare you my overview of the North Korean monster in charge, we all have a pretty good idea of that mental case not to mention “The Mouth” currently in the Oval Office.

The American contingent this year is a robust group of athletes complete with a few more “mature” folks in their final Olympic games. I don’t think it really matters if we bring home a ton of gold medals, these athletes are amazing and have worked their entire life for this time on the world stage.

For me, these games bring back some good times I spent in South Korea during my time with the U.S. Air Force. The city of Seoul is an absolutely brilliant place, filled with new, old and a combination of both around every corner. I would so love to visit again! I’m sure the last twenty years have brought fantastic changes in an already wondrous place. I do wonder if the curfew is still in place. There was a midnight curfew while I was in Seoul and one of my more vivid memories of my time there, other than it is freeze-your-breath cold, was watching a parade of tanks and armored vehicles pass through the downtown streets just after midnight. For the South Korean military, the war never ended and they are ready at a moments notice to repel any attack from the North. It was a sobering moment! I understand how the people in Hawaii felt when that false alarm sounded!

I shall return after the games are over or maybe just before. Go  Team U.S.A.!!!

Ciao darlings!! xx


This is one of those things that I don’t get. There’s been a rise, or maybe the media just started noticing, of the ‘white supremacists’ and frankly, I can’t see how anyone would want to be this person or even pay any attention to these types.

This ‘group’, and I’m not sure this is really a group or just a bunch of loud-mouthed guys, carries the flag of a defeated and disgraced army. They espouse the propaganda of a defeated and disgraced regime from a former Germany. Are you seeing the theme here? Yes, they are clean and white but perhaps not the brightest folk. Maybe it has escaped their notice that much of the wealth and power in the world but especially in the U.S., is held by clean, white guys. Up until the big banks put Barry into office so that they would receive TARP funds while the rest of us suffered through their recession, the only leaders of the United States have been rich, white guys. Now I see you waving at me about the Arab oil sheiks and other not so American-ish folks but that’s the point. Here in the U.S. guys in general and white guys, in particular, tend to be in control, like Jeff Beso, Bill Gates and the old money types, Rockefellers, Morgans, Proctors, and others.

I’m not for either party and if you’ve read any of my posts you’ve seen the “None of the Above” post prior to ‘the mouth’ getting into office. If you are a Trump person, I am sorry you don’t like my nickname for him but he does run his mouth a bit too much. The Divide currently going on since the Trump presidency has always been there, the media has simply found something to scream about and make loads of headlines with. I for one, am going to continue to ignore the ‘white supremacists’ as I always have. Remember the ‘don’t suffer fools lightly’ quote and all you liberals quit making things worse by refusing them free speech. Just don’t listen, fools!!!

Okay, soapbox firmly stored. I’ve been wanting to write this post since the University of Davis had their ‘riots’ over some white fool wanting to speak at that establishment. If you believe in free speech, you do have to let the opposition speak or you are not better than the fools you are protesting against. More later, but for now Ciao, darlings!!

In the Land of Rain

It hit me yesterday that I haven’t posted here in, oh crap, forever in the blogosphere. Oops!

We made it to Kentucky and found a house and got our stuff and a partridge in a pear tree. Yes, I’ve been a bit busy. We were also robbed because the last doorknob didn’t get replaced as fast as I would have liked and some of our jewelry grew legs and walked away. Yes, I am pissed off but the story isn’t over yet so stay tuned.

I am trying to handle all the new things we have to deal with one of the worst being the medical community here in Louisville which is rather subpar and finding good doctors is a struggle. I’ve been online looking for doctors and all kinds of little things that you took for granted in your old residence. It is a slightly backward area with a limited education base and naturally, there is an upper class that is “old” Kentucky so as of yet I am still working on getting everything and that is a lot of “things” handled so I’ve not made any new friends. I will have to work on that and look into the local writer’s groups.

I will stop for now as there is something I have been wanting to write here for a while and I must review that post before posting as it is a bit on the controversial side. Yes, you know me, never one to worry about who might feel “hurt” by a post. Ciao for now and thank you to anyone who is still checking this site. New Book Soon!!

Through the Looking Glass

If you’ve read this bit of the blog-dom for any length of time, you will know that I was a Professional Realtor for over 32 years. I set appointments to show houses, held homes open, sold and sold some more. Also, if you’ve been reading this drivel of late (yes, it is too drivel, I know I wrote it, but thanks, xx) you know I am now selling my home and moving across the country, hence the title because now I am the person being called at eight on a Sunday morning to set up a showing appointment for noon.

I did know what to expect, honestly, I did, but it is so much harder than it seems from the other side of the mirror. The need to always be “showing” ready I understood but didn’t quite get how much work that is when you are still quasi-living in the house. I did have sense enough to remove all but the most basic of furniture, not wanting to be polishing tables at midnight for that nine in the morning showing but crap getting up and running the vacuum before you’ve had coffee is just mean. I am beginning to believe some divorces start with that For Sale sign in the front yard, I know I am considering dumping the raving boar (or maybe I really meant pig) that screamed at me this morning about divorce while I vacuumed and tried to get his (expletive deleted) moving on the stainless steel sinks. Oh, did I tell you I am OVER stainless steel? More on that bit of knowledge at another time. We had five showings on the house today and our broker feels we will get a good price if we don’t kill each other prior to the close of escrow.

No, I am not writing because I’ve been working on this house, getting it ready to sell and then cleaning and putting away the last of the things to keep it showing ready. I am also not writing because my “office” is now on the floor. Just the time it has taken for me to write this piece has both legs asleep and my knees are saying words that I promise you I did not teach them. My back hurts from leaning over to read what I’m typing and I can’t get into the proper mindset to even work on formatting the novels currently completed much less create complex emotional scenes (except for the killing scenes, those I can currently write like a professional killer) that make up my novels and works in progress.

Sorry, dear ones, I am not a good person just now! I promise to think of something nice to say very soon, probably about the time we get this house into escrow. Rant over! Ciao my sweet ones! xx

That Time Again and Again

It is that time of the year for all kinds of “that time” stuff. I’m sure you can think of one yearly pain in the backside we normally call tax time. No one wants the I.R.S. bugging you so, we all file our taxes, well most of us the rich, not naming names, can file whenever they feel like it, the tax code was written by their representatives. Yes, I know, you thought they were your representatives but as the saying goes “money talks, B.S. has to walk”. Okay that’s not entirely correct but the tax code is written to give CPA and attorney types jobs and well paying ones at that. It was also written so that those with the money to assist elected officials get tax loopholes.

For me, taxes are still a pain and finding a CPA is equally difficult. One guy laughed at me, telling me he just used Turbo Tax Professional and put my numbers in and handed me a bill for $425. The next one had an even higher bill but there was a 1031 thing involved so I chilled. But this year she informed me (not last year mind you) her hourly rate was $235 an hour and she would be billing me for the hours it would take her to do my tax return. She was quite miffed I even asked for an estimate and told me so. “I don’t like these kinds of calls! My rate is my rate and I can’t tell you anything else.) Okay, moving on.

The next “that time” thing is my domain name. Blue Host wants $16 a year for registering my domain on top of the $142 for “hosting”. I’m still not sure what the hell they do for that money and GoDaddy is a lot cheaper. They send out automatic emails warning you to pay to maintain your domain “don’t let it become inactive” because then it could be auctioned off or some shit like that. Oops sorry, the techies of this time period are the ‘entitled’ group we raised in the 90s and some in the 80s. Our fault they are such self-involved odd balls, sorry again.

And my final “that time” is MIND MATTERS, my second novel. It is mostly complete I just need the money to buy a cover, pay a format person or persons since I need a MOBI format for Kindle and a professional PDF for the print version. It’s a lot of money. It is also a really good book. It is actually past time for me to launch that book but crap, my money tree died in the drought. The first book, good but not great, has about five hundred more dollars to earn just to break even and now I need to spend to publish my seriously good book and of course, it’s the time of year when I’m broke.

Sorry, darlings, this was not supposed to be a whine and forgive me for not bring any cheese to go with it. I will chill (a bottle of real wine) and write a much better post shortly. Or I will go play in traffic!

Ciao lovely people.

That Time, Again

This is the year that will try me in many ways. I’ve finished MIND MATTERS and the editing of that work is nearing its conclusion which means I need to settle on a cover, write the blurb, contact the formatting personnel and a host of other self-publishing requirements. I am a little excited because the book is good!

My first book, LIGHTED WINDOWS, was an interesting work and I am glad that I finally wrote it but it was a first attempt and suffered from my inexperience. I can only say that I needed to write that book, that it was a work that needed to be published but now that I’ve worked at learning how to write, I understand so much more.

I’ve been reading some other self-published authors and learning from their mistakes. I do leave a review, but only if I am able to finish the book. There have been a few that I couldn’t finish; they were that bad. On the other hand, I’ve read several indie authors that, with the help of a good editor, would have written a truly good book and that is the review I leave. I understand how difficult it is to have your work edited, not to mention the costs involved, it is nerve racking, but it is necessary. I think it is just as important to find editing help as it is to write the book.

On top of my writing, we are moving this year, back to my home range in the Ohio River Valley. I am packing and sorting and going slowly mad. (I hear you laughing, yes, I’ve always been crazy.) It is shocking to me the amount of ‘stuff’ I am finding in just about every nook and cranny not to mention the advances in technology that leave me with VHS tapes and no way to play them. (are you giggling again??) The interviews with moving companies are always fun. It is shocking how much it costs, per pound, to move which means I am forced to make hard choices about what should be shipped and what is simply unnecessary.

It will be a year of enormous changes and hopefully, some truly fun experiences. I haven’t driven cross-country in over thirty years! I’m planning to stop along the way to see the wonders of America. There are so many great places in our country, I only wish I could see them all.

If you have a place between California and Kentucky that you are particularly fond of, please tell me in the comments. The best tour guides are the normal folks like us (more giggling, really??) who have been to the special places in this great country. As always…Ciao my darlings. I return, anon!

A New Year

It’s finally over, 2016 that is, taking with it Carrie Fisher and her mother. I don’t really care (I care about Carrie, make no mistake) what number you put on the year, reaching another one is a good thing.

What I find odd is the continued liberal screaming on the Internet and just about any other place you can find about the next President. One blogger insisted that harassing Ivanka on a JetBlue flight was a good thing and we, meaning anyone who didn’t vote for daddy Trump, should scream at all the Trump folk especially his children, stating the “Pax Americana” was coming to an end. Wow, is it possible that there are people in this country that have not noticed the nearly two decades long wars in the Middle East? Peace?? You’re kidding right?

I was left to wonder if, following this line of thinking, it would be a good thing if we also screamed at Sasha and Melia? After all, their father is responsible for tripling the nation debt, but then that was the deal he made with the big banks and Wall Street. He would pay them large sums of TARP funds (did you get any TARP funds?) so that they could have their million dollar bonuses for selling out working-class Americans and they would not be effected by The Great Recession. Did you miss that bit of history? Hard to see it, when you are losing your job thanks to Billie Clinton’s NAFTA and of course, the banks are taking your homes because they set up The Great Recession. Don’t believe me? Well, let me show you what I saw.

An unknown Senator from Illinois sudden appears on the national stage, carefully scripted and extremely well funded. By now everyone knows you can’t run for president without “the parties” (there are only two) support. Now Hillary Clinton was also running for President that year and she was doing really well. Did you notice when she dropped out, how truly angry she was? But the DNC made her a deal. If she would step out of their man Barry’s way, she would be the next DNC candidate when Barry was through. The big banks and their big, really big, money plus the Wall Street money carefully choreographed their boy Barry (no, I don’t feel bad about that, he is not from a slave line) to ensure the coming recession would profit them in all ways. I was still working in the real estate industry and all of us old-hands saw it coming a mile away. In 2004 there were NINE no-money-down loans out there and people without full understanding of markets, money and mortgages were snapping up overpriced houses sure that home prices would continue to rise and they could sell in two years or less and make a ton of money.

There is some debate about when The Great Recession actually started but let me share what I felt here in California. In September of 2005 the market stopped and I mean that sincerely, it Stopped! All my investor clients felt it and the smart ones followed my advice and priced their investments to sell, fast. Smaller home loan companies who were holding what would turn out to be ‘dead’ paper, meaning a mortgage the borrower could never repay, scrambled to divest themselves and tried to tell anyone who would listen to do the same. Remember the “Occupy Wall Street” movement? Remember Barry telling you “the TARP funds had been repaid”? Well, yes and no. Just as one example, Bank of America did in fact repay “their” TARP funds, what they did not do is repay the TARP funds for all the smaller entities they took over. Now, Bank of America waited until Barry had passed out the money before taking over these other ‘mortgage’ folk. Countrywide received millions in TARP funds as did Sierra Pacific and lots of other smaller institutions taken over by Citi Bank, Wells Fargo and one, maybe two, other BIG financial institutions. Why is this of interest? Bank of America got Countrywide and the TARP funds given to Countrywide but Bank of America will not repay Countrywide’s TARP funds and it’s legal. The TARP funds went to Countrywide and that institution no long exists therefore, Countrywide is responsible for repayment of those funds, not Bank of America. The Great Recession was a planned event and Barry was the answer as to how the Big Banks could profit from both sides.

If you read my “None of the Above” you know I wasn’t thrilled with either candidate. But the folks still screaming about the outcome need to consider what I just wrote because so many Americans had to live with what the DNC and deeply wealthy folks did. (just as an aside, Chrysler took their TARP funds and built a factory, in China). I am not going to say things will get better but, honestly, for many, worse couldn’t get much more terrible.

Oh Crap!

Yes, I know, that is not a great title but it is sincerely how I feel. In case you aren’t interested, Christmas is in eighteen days. Are you ready? Do you care?

I’m not even close to ready for Christmas and my husband’s granddaughter is coming in a few days. Not that it matters a ton but it would be nice if I had something going on for Christmas, like maybe a decorated tree or a present for someone, anyone. Yes, I am in a panic just now.

I used to love Christmas! I truly did. I’d decorate the whole house, put up a large tree, although in recent years it’s been a fake tree, I’ve decorated it rather well if I do say so myself. I loved the music and would sing it loudly all through the house. I was also better at singing than I am now. ­čÖé But I went all out even making special entrees for Christmas morning and a big Christmas dinner, all while working full time.

Now, there isn’t any point in going to a lot of trouble for Christmas. My daughter is grown and off in the Northern reaches of California. I rarely see or even speak to her. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve texted, written letters, sent boxes of things; I even sent off some pictures of her father I’d found. We are not on speaking terms, her father and I. It is story for another time. The point is I’m pretty much alone now. Yes, I see you shaking your finger at me, I do have a husband but he is not well or that is what I tell everyone. He is in the early stages of dementia from too many concussions and has a memory of about fifteen seconds. I have him beat, I can remember last week!

I think the real problem here is I can remember Christmases past and even long past and I miss that wonderful feeling. Now, I’m just depressed, wishing for a time I will probably never have again. I go through the motions, a little less each year but the magic is gone and I don’t think it will be coming back. But I will dig out some of the old decorations, shop online for a few things although I doubt I’ll do much more than that. My advice to you? Enjoy a big Christmas or Hanukkah if you can because like everything else in life, it won’t last.

I wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah and may we

Christmas 2006

all be still around to toast the New Year!

Peace, darlings.

The Last Days

I’d started a post on Barry’s last days in the White House but it got lost. Yes, I know it isn’t lost but I can’t find it so I will start over and that is a good thing the original post was filled with snark. I see you looking puzzled but don’t be; I try not to be too nasty here, it seems the wrong place for vitriolic babbles. I’m not sure where one should write snarky thoughts but I’ll limit them here.

The thing that has me confused and a bit pissed is the Keystone Pipeline was considered “not well thought out” and was defeated by this administration and I’m not saying that wasn’t the right thing to do because I think it was. The problem I’m having can be stated simply as Standing Rock. BARRY, WTF!!! You don’t need a degree in engineering, resource management or even fluid dynamics to understand trying to put a pipeline under a river is madness!

The other thing that is really bugging me is the disregard for the true Americans. You know, the folks that made the mistake of allowing the aliens to land on their shores and are now on “reservations”, land the United States government deemed of little use to it and therefore corralled the natives thereon. Is this pipeline, that Barry is ignoring while he pardons druggies, any less well thought out than the other one?

Even if you disregard the assault on sacred lands and the continued abuse of the true Americans’ rights, how hard is it to foresee a terrible man-made disaster coming at us like a freight train? Why is Barry not making this his legacy? Why is Barry not issuing an executive order to Stop this terrible thing from happening???

I know I said I would be more cheerful with my next post. Please forgive me for letting you down. I had to say something! In the coming years a terrible thing will happen, and this I truly believe because digging under water is a bad thing. It is simple science; remember we were taught ‘water always seeks the lowest level’ or at least I was taught that. So I’ve said what I foresee and pray to any god you wish I am wrong because Barry, your legacy may be one of the worst man-made disasters the world has ever seen.

Please BARRY wake the hell up and stop this. The history books will write about you either way.

Sorry, darlings! Soapbox stored again. Ciao

Some Day

Wow, it’s November hurdling head-long into the Christmas season and I’ve been absent from this forum since, oh crap, October! It’s not that I’ve not been thinking of writing, it’s that I have been writing just not here. My next novel, MIND MATTERS is in editing and I’m a bundle of nerves but that isn’t much of an excuse. My third novel is staggering onto the page, I don’t know why and I am┬ápreparing for a cross-country move but heck that’s not a great reason either.

Yes, the internet is buzzing from the elections and may continue for a long time. One of the reasons I’ve been gone is I simply refused to add my opinion to the screaming, hysteria, and total panic this past election has caused. I have opinions but why even bother to get into that roiling ocean, there are way too many waves and storms already, none of them doing much other than predicting doom not realizing it is already here.

I did think of something that has been bugging me for some time now. Somewhere along the way I lost my ‘some day’ wishes. Remember, you had desires or maybe that is too strong of a word, but you wanted to have something and you knew you would ‘some day’ be able to acquire that thing or vacation or achievement you only needed to work towards that ‘some day’. I’ve lost that feeling, that wish, that striving I once had. I miss it.

I think it started with moving preparations. Man, can you collect a lot of “stuff” in twenty plus years in one place! I’m finding things in closets that date back to a time I will not share here as I refuse to admit I could possibly be as old as this “stuff”. I am selling, donating, giving away and generally sorting through my life trying to decide what is important and what I can live without or at least what I will replace when I finally land at my next location. But what I can’t find is any ‘some day’ wishes. I don’t “have it all” but I’ve come to realize there is no ‘all’, just a bunch of stuff that no longer seems to matter.

Sorry this is not a cheery bit and it should be! The rains have returned ending the Fifth Season (in a state of drought, the fifth season is fire season) which should make me happy and believe me I’m thrilled but now I need to find that ‘some day’ thing or place or maybe it is a reason to continue to strive because we all do one way or another otherwise, why get out of bed?!

I promise I will be here more (I paid for this “site”) and I think I will try to be less of a sorry sort. But consider your ‘some day’ list or wish or whatever you strive for because once you have lost it, getting it back can be rather a trial.

Ciao darlings!!